NDS the Label, established in 2021 by Ukrainian native Nadia Bundziak, epitomizes the essence of women's luxury ready-to-wear. This brand, born out of a deep-rooted appreciation for beauty and quality, is defined by its meticulous craftsmanship, modern silhouettes, and elevated fabrics.

Growing up, Nadia was immersed in a world of artistic handcraft, influenced by her mother's work with leather and an inherited taste for high quality. This upbringing fueled her passion for creating unique and special garments, setting the foundation for NDS the Label. Today, our brand stands as a manifesto for special event clothing designed to stay on the move, whether you're taking pictures, having fun, or dancing the night away.

NDS distinguishes itself with its made-to-order business model, pioneering a revolution in the fashion industry by advocating for slow, high-quality fashion. Each piece we create is a testament to the compelling dexterity of authentic handmade artistry, embodying a delicate balance between structure and fluidity and seamlessly integrating masculine and feminine elements.

Our collections range from streetwear to bridal soirée, each signature piece illuminating the strength and beauty in every wearer. Emphasizing an unapologetically chic yet comfortable style, NDS's creations are designed to enhance the body's features, elegance, and uniqueness, empowering women with an effortless style that transcends contemporary boundaries.

NDS the Label is more than a fashion brand; it's a narrative of quality and bespoke fashion that honors our Ukrainian heritage. Each garment is a radiant statement of individuality, a testament to luxury design, and a manifestation of our commitment to minimizing emissions and protecting the planet.

Embrace the allure and sophistication of NDS the Label. Indulge in our designs, where effortless style becomes your superpower, and every piece helps you feel confident and unique every day.

Welcome to NDS the Label – where your wardrobe is infused with luxe essentials, each exuding the power to inspire and awaken confidence.